General Products
$29.99 Menorah Wooden
Menorah Wooden $29.99 ($US)
$5.85 Name Trains Pastel Engine
Name Trains Pastel Engine $5.85 ($US) 2 Likes
Puzzle Dinosaur $14.99 ($US)
Rolling Rover $14.95 ($US)
Train Flag $5.85 ($US)
Train Gorilla $5.85 ($US)
Train Lion $5.85 ($US)
Train Panda $5.85 ($US)
Train Tractor $5.85 ($US)
$5.85 Train Trolley
Train Trolley $5.85 ($US)
Maple Landmark Woodcraft By Department

Our area has a long history in the wood products industry. From the mills built by the early settlers to the furniture and novelty factories of the 1900’s. It is only fitting that we combine history and local resources to continue the tradition.

Mike Rainville first came to woodworking as a hobby in the 1970’s while he was in school. Working out ...... Read More