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It is where families sit down to stacks of pancakes on lazy Sunday mornings and where they gather to celebrate birthdays year after year. It is where—from one generation to the next—great meals are shared and cherished memories are created with family and friends. Since our founding over 65 years ago, J.K. Adams has supplied cooks with the most innovative and functional hardwood cutting boards, bowls, utensils, wine and knife racks available. Every J.K. Adams product is a modern heirloom that is built to last.

For generations, cooks and entertainers have relied on J.K. Adams for their everyday and special-occasion prep and serving needs. Over the years, as foodies have become more experimental in the kitchen, we have met this creativity with new products that are equally as innovative. Our super-thick and durable Cherry Chunk cutting board is the go-to board for the serious at-home chef and consummate host who wants something that is both utilitarian and beautiful. Frequent entertainers love the elegant look and feel of our Slate Cheese Servers. Nature lovers enjoy our Live Edge Collection boards, which let them bring a slice of the outdoors in to their guests. Bakers love our smooth award winning rolling pins, available in a variety of sizes, to whip up gorgeous pies for their next dinner party.

In addition to our passion for the kitchen, J.K. Adams has always been concerned about our impact outside of the home and in the broader community. Sustainability and social responsibility are foundations on which the company was built and remain a core mission of the company today. All of the wood we use is sustainably grown and harvested U.S. and Canadian hardwood. We do use some imported hardware for our racks, but we strive to source all of our other materials within North America. Much of the heat for our facility is generated from burning our wood scraps and or other locally harvested wood. We also ship our sawdust to area farmers to use on their fields and as beds for their animals. We have employed many generations of local families and remain one of the largest employers in the area. These are commitments that we take seriously.

There is no substitute for a J.K. Adams product. Every single board, bowl and rack is crafted by hand and bears the signature of our team of skilled Vermont artisans. As we continue to grow and provide premium products for our industry, we promise that every item will stand the test of time; in fact, we guarantee it: each product comes to you with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you ever have any problems with a J.K. Adams product, we will replace it with no questions asked. Our products are designed to be functional, sustainable and timeless— for you and for generations of cooks to come.
We offer the full JK Adams product catalog via Shop Local