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We stock Prieto glasses but allow back orders. If we don't have enough to fill your order we will have Esteban ship from his glass studio but that sometimes takes 2 weeks ... so please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery ... or if needed sooner contact us first.

Esteban Prieto began blowing glass over 45 years ago at Mills College and at California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland (now California College of the Arts). In the early 1970s, he founded Prieto Studios, a sprawling warehouse-studio complex in West Oakland, with his mother Eunice and brothers Mark, Peter, and Paco, which still operates today. At Prieto Studios, Esteban and his family built a glass hot-shop where he began making his now-famous glass tumblers and other hand-crafted glass pieces. Prieto Studios soon became a mecca for a diverse group of extraordinary artists including Andreas Lehmann, Mary White, and Bruce Bortin. In 1993, Esteban moved to St. Louis to form a ceramics, glass-blowing, and glass flame-working studio with his wife, porcelain ceramicist and glass-jewelry artist Nori Obata. Esteban’s glassware has been featured in galleries, shops, and craft shows throughout the United States

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