Have multiple registries?

We understand that you may choose to register at multiple stores.  If doing so, we suggest you take advantage of Wedding Channel’s Free Wedding Website.  By doing so, you will get a personal web address on Wedding Channel where you can share all of your registries in one location as well as provide other information.   You can keep it simple and just share wedding logistics, dates, and your gift registries or you can get personal and share the story and photos documenting your path down the road to matrimony!

Here is a summary of how to do it:

  • Create your account (http://global.weddingchannel.com/join/MemberLogin.aspx)
  • Log in
  • Click on Wedding Websites from horizontal menu
  • Click on link to create personal web address
  • You will be asked about layout and be given the option to edit the web address
  • Look for “Manage My website”  (you’ll see a list of pages you can choose to have or not have on your website)
  •  Click on “Our Registries” link (under  “page name”)
  • Scroll down to Step 2 “add more registries”
  • Type “Contemporary Concepts” under store name field
  • Copy and paste the link you will be given once your registry with us is online that goes directly to YOUR registry at our store
  • Click “Save”

Now if you preview your personal wedding website, your Contemporary Concepts registry will be listed under “Our Registries”

We are also more than happy to help with this process.   If you create your account and want to provide us with your login information, we can enter in the minimum information and create the registry link.  Many gift givers use Wedding Channel to find registries versus searching online store by store, so take advantage of this free tool.

If you link us to your Wedding Channel website, we offer you 10% off registry completion.  What does that mean?  Within 90 days of your wedding date, you can come in and make a one time purchase of items from your registry that you did not receive and we’ll take 10% off the total price (some exclusions may apply).   Have questions?  Give us a call or send an email!