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For starters, we believe in having a gift for everyone and we search for companies that are supporting the environment or making strides to help others through the production of their pieces. Below is a sampling of some of our favorite lines with follow on groups dedicated to noteworthy lines by type – metal serve ware, glass gift ware, frames, jewelry, customized gifts etc… Please leave your feedback and comments. We’d love to hear what are your favorite pieces or lines! 🙂

Plates with Purpose – Many people donate their time to worthy charities, but if you don’t have the time to spare right now, we’ve got another way to give back.  Purchase one of Riverside Design Group’s Plates with Purpose (a lovely collection of recycled platters) and a portion of the price will be donated to the associated charity.

Here we’ve got a volunteer from Habitat for Humanity sharing more information about the cause and the collection.

Mitchell Glassworks – We love carrying the Eco-conscious, upcycled collection from local couple Greg &  Linda Mitchell.  They collect all kinds of water, wine, beer, soda, and vintage bottles to create useful cheeseboards and spoon rests.  They are cute for displaying on the wall or in a plate stand, as well.  They all have rubber feet so they won’t scratch your table top.

Upcycling:  “The practice of taking something disposable and transforming it into something of greater use and value.”

Another fabulous company specializing in recycled materials is H&K Metals with their quirky and sensational metal sculpture wine caddies, business card holders, and outdoor yard decor stakes that come in almost any profession, hobby, or interest you can imagine. Some of our personal favorites? The Frustrated Golfer, the Motorcycle Chopper, the Cowboy, and the Scuba Diver! Here‘s a quick peek at this cool line!

Merritt International – Multi-colored acrylic pitcher and assorted glasses sparkle from Merritt International! Perfect for outdoor entertaining and safe for even the littlest hands since they won’t break if dropped.

Make great occasional gifts as well as hostess and housewarming presents!

Swarovski Lightning Tennis Bracelets – Ooooh, shiny! So sparkly! These inexpensive, eye-catching stretch bracelets are gorgeous alone but amazing in layers! At $28, they make great gifts for the pretty ladies in your life!

Shiraleah – We love the Harper Cross Body bag because it is a perfect blend of responsible, trendy, and fun! The vegan leather handbag feels like an animal leather and is tested rigorously for durability. But no animals suffer in the fabrication of this thin, pocketed cross body bag. The rainbow of color options ensure a great option for all – professionals, vacationers, and weekend shoppers.

We have a variety of metal serving lines and pieces from Mariposa and Arthur Court, to Beatriz Ball Collection and Mary Jurek to name a few. Follow the links below for a closer look at these lines:

1. Mariposa – This company is sought after for its classic lines as well as the new looks it continually creates. Check out the Sueno line from this ever popular company that uses recycled aluminum to craft their durable and beautiful serving pieces and giftware. This line is a dreamy blend of texture, delicacy, and beading, with a touch of Southwest flair.

Also, Mariposa offers engraving options for those special gifts so you can kick your gifts and keepsakes up a notch with a personalized message. So many possibilities!

2. Arthur Court – This company has been a staple in the aluminum serve ware and gift ware industry since the sixties but has continued to progress in its designs and its conservancy efforts. You can read more about its beginnings and history here.

One of our favorite and most sought after Arthur Court pieces is the ever popular Frog Pitcher, made of sand cast aluminum. This frog with jade stone eyes is a fun take on a traditional water pitcher but also makes a distinctive vase.
Perfect gift for frog lovers and nature enthusiasts or that friend who loves to be different!  Also, it is a limited edition item offered almost exclusively by yours truly.

NEW for 2013!!! -The traditional Arthur Court sand-cast aluminum takes on a contemporary style with a whimsical, bead pattern with the JEWEL line. This pattern is perfect for the person with modern tastes but who wants the range of functionality (oven, refrigerator, and freezer safe).

And for Arthur Court enthusiasts who prefer the classic and most popular GRAPE line, click here for a look at the newest pieces being introduced to this collection. So many shimmering serving and decor options are available with this traditional range inspired by the bounty of California’s Napa Valley.

3. Julia Knight Collection – This dazzling line of enamel, thumb-painted pieces is a customer favorite! Julia Knight says of her vision, “My driving ambition is to create designs that insist on attracting your eye with their unexpected beauty. That’s why we meticulously work on patterns and shapes until they are just so. On color and hue. On fabric feel and heft. Each piece is designed with every other piece in mind; to complement… coordinate… contrast. Our artisans in India and Italy then breathe life into each individually hand-crafted piece, ready for you to expressively combine them.” And as of 2013, the company is offering a new collection – the Diamond collection – that can seamlessly work with the other pieces you already have.

4. Wilton Armetale – This company that was an offshoot of the Susquehanna Castings company began in Pennsylvania in 1892 offers a range of metal serve ware items. Crafted from a unique, non-toxic aluminum-based alloy, the Wilton Armetale pieces are ideal for cooking and entertaining.

The contemporary Boston line offers a great blend of functionality and simple elegance. The metal serving bowls are safe in the freezer, grill, oven, and stove. A Perfect Gift for the Gourmet Cook or Entertainer in your life. Maybe that’s YOU! 🙂

Or maybe you prefer the nature-inspired Eddy line that gracefully spirals and ripples like an eddy. It’s a pretty and soothing pattern perfect for outdoor entertaining!

5. Mary Jurek Designs – For remarkable, handmade metal gift ware and serving items, this line represents one of the best available. Though the collection comprises a plethora of luxury goods, the company focuses on enriching the lives of those “in economically underdeveloped areas where her company can make a positive social impact through creating jobs for local villagers, particularly the oft exploited young women.”

6. Beatriz Ball Collection– Another company producing fine metal ware by hand is the Beatriz Ball Collection. Each piece is made entirely by hand, one at a time, using the ancient art of sand casting: pouring a premium quality alloy of molten aluminum into sand molds, and then going through four levels of polishing. It is astounding that more than TWELVE!!! different sets of hands are involved in the creation of each piece, and the result of this intensely handmade process is a piece with a depth of character, warmth and personality that communicates in a way that only a handmade piece can.

The Ocean Sea Turtle Centerpiece is one of our favorite Beatriz Ball pieces – A gorgeous, gleaming piece of nature for your table! It is handcrafted of an FDA approved aluminum alloy suitable for serving hot or cold foods and makes a striking gift for shower, wedding, or housewarming.

But say you are looking for a hand made glass pitcher or vase or set of glasses for an upcoming engagement? Well, we can help there too! Whether you want something for everyday or for special occasions, we are proud to offer many beautifully made glass and crystal pieces from companies including: Simon Pearce, Annie Glass, Nambe, Juliska, and William Yeoward! 

We have put together some quick videos about some of our most popular or cherished pieces from these companies and we hope you enjoy them!

1. First up, the blazing hot demo of the candlelight options from Simon Pearce. These hand blown candlesticks, hurricanes, votives and more will capture the mood you want for your gathering, whether it is intimate or enchanting!

And one of our customers’ all time favorites from this American, Vermont-based company, is their contemporary Woodbury Pitcher collection, hand blown with their incredibly gleaming glass and a combination of simple lines and graceful curves.

2. Up next, the distinct and beautiful hand blown glass ware from California company Annie Glass. These lovingly crafted and precious metal adorned pieces are carried by luxury retailers obviously, featured in leading hotels like the Waldorf Astoria, and collected by contemporary luminaries like Oprah Winfrey and Jennifer Aniston! The hallmark line and beginning of Annie Morhauser’s glass making is the Roman Antique line shown here.

3. The voice representing the finest in crystal and metal gift ware comes from Nambe; certain pieces have even been selected for display in the Museum of Modern Art. For a fresh perspective on everyday household items like storage canisters, we think the Nambe Twist Canister set is IT!