Set the Table… In Style!

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Tourron by Jars

Jars Ceremistes

An idea of essential.
Purity of a perfect round.
Pallet of strong colors, variety of the shapes.
The ideal collection to play, mix and invent.

Set the table. Seems so simple… but when do we actually take time in our everyday lives to really enjoy  the moment of a relaxed meal with family and friends? With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, its more common to eat dinner while replying to emails, on the go between meetings, or in front of the TV!

With that said…. May we suggest a change?

Reclaim dinner time. Reclaim the dinner table for what its made for. Reclaim the center of your home and…

Slow down, sit down, and come together at a well set table. (It’s not just for the Brady Bunch!)

Tableware from Jars of France is an excellent way to start. With its creative design and durable features (microwave and dishwasher safe), even the kids can help!

From its roots in horticultural pottery through to today’s much sought-after contemporary tableware collections in glazed stoneware, Jars’ history spans more than a 150 years…
Since it was founded by Pierre Jars, the traditional craft of potters’ skills passed down the generations still lives on today with the related making secrets of their forebears being closely guarded.


We can help you Set The Table… in style!

Tourron Ecorce

Tourron Ecorce

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