Functional clothing that I can break into a sprint in…yes, you read that correctly.

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yala marlow tunics

Yala Marlow Tunics

So most days of the week, I am now in the store at least by one in the afternoon until six in the evening. And you will probably notice that I am not the most fashionably dressed person you have ever seen. I have always been a fan of comfort and up until three years ago, I was a stay at home mom. Not to say you can’t be a fashionable stay at home mom, but I wasn’t. My criteria for clothing is always full range of motion. Even my wedding dress. Just ask my mom! She kindly told me at my dress fitting, as I swung my arms in all directions testing my range of motion, “Janna, you aren’t going to a softball game, it’s a wedding dress”. So especially as a parent, you really never know when you are going to need to break out into a sprint. You just don’t! Catch a kid at the playground, getting too close to the street, a child just taking off on a whim, all these things factor into parenthood. So I have lived my life in comfortable clothes and shoes because I am always “ready”. Now the other thing you will notice about me when you see me in the store, is that I, by no means, fit the image of someone who would sprint regularly. Although I have started walking on the treadmill recently. Baby steps. But while I don’t do exercise everyday, I still dress in athletic apparel. It’s stretchy, I can pick up boxes, climb a step stool and yes, break into a sprint if you need me to. Which brings me to the point of this blog. Yala and Simply Noelle clothing. I still believe in extremely comfortable clothing, but ones that have style and little details that make the pieces special. And these two companies fit the bill. Kenny LOVES the fact that I choose companies I like because more product comes home than we sell, but I’m doing “research”. I write this blog wearing my new Yala Bamboo Dreams Sandy top in black feeling adult and comfy and ready to sprint. Not really, but the fabrics are so buttery soft, the cut of the pieces are forgiving and drape beautifully. I feel as though I have taken a step into style. I hope when you stop in, you check out the Yala and Simply Noelle pieces for spring. And if you need help finding any other gifts, know that I am dressed comfortably to help. ~~Janna~~

yala clothes

Yala Collection

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