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Did you know that to truly appreciate the complexity of a wine, you should drink it from a glass designated for that specific grape? Size and shape do matter when it comes to bringing out the full flavor of a wine. Some glasses may look large in volume, but they are meant to hold only a small amount of wine allowing space for the bouquet to collect in the bowl.

The Riedel Wine Glass Company has been a family business for over 250 years. They are deemed the first to create a “functional” wine glass designed in a shape according to the character of the wine. Riedel is our hottest seller as far as tasting glasses go, with their Vinum collection being the most popular. Vinum is a reasonably priced, machine-made, 24% lead crystal collection of glasses for every type of wine. This is a great collection for every day use.

Know someone whose wine cellar (and its contents!) is their prized possession? Then they will surely appreciate the Sommeliers collection. These hand-made, 24% lead crystal glasses will have a profound impact on a wine.

Don’t miss the O-Riedel, Tyrol, Vinum Extreme, Vitis, Wine, Ouverture, collections from Riedel as well in order to see the various options and price points.

Many other companies have begun to make technical glasses, however.

Comparable in price to the Riedel Vinum collection, we have a selection from Robert Mondavi by Waterford Crystal. These varietal specific designs also allow room for the wine to breathe to enhance your drinking experience.

Orrefors Difference is another exquisite collection offering the ultimate enjoyment of wine and other beverages. The series has glasses for ales, water, fruit wines, crisp wines, sparkling wines, mature spirits and more!

Wine glasses make wonderful gifts for so many occasions – housewarmings, bridal showers, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and more. Pair one or more of them with a bottle of wine in a festive bag, set in a metal sculptural wine caddy, or maybe given with a modern cheese board for a truly personal gift. Let us help you pick the perfect glasses for your next wine-themed gift!

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