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Sweet smells packaged for gift-giving

Upstairs neighbors cooking up a spicy feast?  Teenage boys’ sports gear strewn about your house?  Dogs…Wet dogs!?!

No matter your reason for wanting to freshen up your home, Rosy Rings has got the fragrance diffuser with a scent perfect for your olfactory organ!  They look pretty and provide a lovely fragrance for up to 9 months.

Beach Daisy Botanical Reeds

Beach Daisy Botanical Reeds

Want to know a little bit more about Rosy Rings?

“From shells to fruit to assorted fauna, you’ll find them all inside our products.  Since our line is inspired by nature it’s only fitting that we do our best to treat the environment responsibly. We’re committed to using natural products like beeswax and soy wax.  In addition to recycling most of the plastic, metal, glass and cardboard in our facility, we also use recyclable shipping materials.  

Rosy Rings works in conjunction with Shalom Denver, a Colorado non-profit organization which provides jobs and training to developmentally disabled adults.  Rosy Rings annually donates a portion of its profits to charity.  Recipients include Wild B.I.R.D., The Elephant Sanctuary, The National Resources Defense Council, PETA, Denver Waldorf School, Florence Crittenton Services & Visiting Nurses Association.”

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